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ULTI-BOARDTM has been distributed  exclusively by Southwest Manu-Tech since 2007 to highly satisfied CnC router operations across the country.  Compared to standard LDF, MDF and HDF engineered sheet products which are manufactured with machinability and finish qualities in mind only, ULTI-BOARDTM was specially formulated for effective vacuum flow and work piece holding.  


ULTI-BOARDTM is a Grade A Engineered MDF board that features homogenous densities from edge to edge and top to bottom, a strong core and bi-directional flow characteristics.  ULTI-BOARDTM is manufactured within strict tolerances to maintain the characteristics that are critical to the Spoilboard application.  ULTI-BOARDTM features a 43 lbs/ft3 density rating and is available in standard dimensions of 61" x 97" x 1".


The standard dimensional format of ULTI-BOARDTM offers flexibility in work holding configurations.  ULTI-BOARDTM is easily trimmed to fit smaller format routers or, for larger formats, a second board is utilized with minimal to no waste for securing to multi-zoned router tables or splicing into a single larger format board.  The 1” thick format offers a greater economy of scale with increased Spoilboard life as well as favorable shipping logistics.


ULTI-BOARDTM   features Prepared Edges sealed with a high-build Silicone Elastomeric Coating for the ultimate in vacuum flow containment.

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crated bunks of 6 and 15 sheets


available for quick-ship